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How To Focus | Lifehack

We live in a busy loop. We juggle our lives between family, work, health, and relationships. We strive to keep everyone happy by doing a lot, but the fact remains that we rarely get things done. It’s like treading water where you try to tick off a list of tasks from your to-do list. If you think about it, the actual issue here is not time but our focus and energy.

You eat, sleep, wake, and repeat almost 90% of similar tasks every day. But the harsh truth is that it doesn’t lead you anywhere productive. So one remains distracted, kicks the can down the road, and starts procrastinating.

If you lack focus or don’t have sufficient energy, then no amount of time would be sufficient for you. In fact, according to a Harvard study, we spend about 47%  wandering our mind. Without proper focus and energy, you will never learn to spend time effectively.

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