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3 Ways To Keep Customers at Your Small Business Happy | Cool Business Ideas

We know that it can be a challenge at times to keep all your customers happy. That’s why we are offering up a few tips to keep in mind when it comes to fostering and maintaining a quality relationship with your customers!

Go The Extra Mile

Creating an atmosphere your customers feel comfortable in has such a positive impact on your business. You want to keep them there longer, and you want to keep them returning! In order to do this, you need to stand out among the rest. Consider the question: how can I be different than my competition? Then, ask yourself: what can I do to keep my customers happy? You can look at businesses like Inhstl.com which is a natural health facility that is uncommon in the area they are in. What are other businesses doing that works for them, and how can you do it better?

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Mastercard Installments Buy Now-Pay Later Coming to More Small Businesses | Small Business Trends

Mastercard Installments Buy Now-Pay Later Coming to More Small Businesses

Mastercard are seeking to meet the demand for powerful Buy-Now-Pay-Later (BNPL) schemes, especially with familiar and trusted brands. Their new partners will be providing support for the program, including US-based financial institutions such as Cross River, Live Oak Bank, MOCA Financial and WebBank, as well as others from the UK and Saudi Arabia.

Consumer Protections and Data Transparency

As well as providing more payment options, Mastercard Installments will also focus on responsible lending practices to support consumers with an enhanced set of protections such as data transparency and insight-driven programs for product improvement.

Using technology, data and insights, as well as their wealth of consulting expertise, Mastercard aims to create a ‘more intelligent way’ to provide installment lending at scale.

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Hourly Wages at Small Businesses Hit Record Level in December | Small Business Trends

As 2021 drew to a close, the average hourly wage at small businesses locked in at $30, according to the Paychex IHS Markit Small Business Employment Watch.

The December data shows hourly earnings growth improving to 4.27%, which is the highest level since Paychex began reporting 10 years ago.

Hiring at small businesses also closed 2021 on an optimistic stat, improving 7.31% from the prior year, according to the same report.

Hourly Wages at Small Businesses Hit Record Level in December

Paychex CEO Martin Mucci summed the stats.

“Employers are responding to the pressure of the tight labor market by raising wages, and workers are benefitting,” Mucci said.

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Time and Attendance: Which Timeclock Is Right for You? | businessnewsdaily.com

Not all timeclocks are compatible with every time and attendance system, so the one you select may be a factor in the system you end up using.

  • Timeclocks help business owners maximize employee productivity and minimize time theft.
  • Types of timeclocks include punch cards, RFID, password, biometric, IVR and mobile.
  • You can have your tablets and access control systems double as timeclocks as well.
  • This article is for small business owners searching for the right timeclock for their staff.

Each year, U.S. employers lose $11 billion to time theft. Much of this comes from employees stealing a few minutes each day, which can be prevented with a comprehensive time and attendance system.

As the number of available time and attendance solutions grows, there’s no shortage of timeclock options for your business. You can select either a stand-alone timeclock or a time and attendance system that includes timeclock features. It depends largely on your business and what you feel makes the most sense for monitoring your employees.

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55% of Small Business Owners Say Providing Healthcare is Their Biggest Challenge | Small Business Trends

More than half (55%) of small businesses say providing health insurance to employees is the biggest challenge they face.

Providing adequate healthcare cover comes ahead of Covid challenges, taxes, and competition from large corporations.

This was the finding of Small Business for America’s Future national survey of small business owners. Small Business of America’s Future is a national coalition of business owners and leaders. The coalition’s aim is to provide small businesses with a voice at each level of government. Its recent national survey asked 827 small business owners their opinions on the cost of health and potential solutions to bring down these costs.

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Biden Changes PPP Loan Rules to Benefit the Smallest Small Businesses | Small Business Trends

President Joe Biden announced Monday that he’s putting in place new rules for the PPP loan program that gives exclusive access to it to Main Street mom-and-pop businesses.

These smallest of small businesses, he said, haven’t gotten a fair shake at aid programs designed to help keep companies from going out of business during the pandemic.

“Small businesses are getting crushed,” Biden said. “Since the beginning of this pandemic, 400,000 small businesses have closed. Millions more are hanging by a thread.”

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Minimum Wages Increase in 25 States in 2021 | Small Business Trends

According to a study by Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory 25 states will raise their minimum wage in 2021, with 21 of those states enacting the increases on New Year’s day.

By the beginning of the New Year, New York and Oregon, which both have regional minimum wage rates, will see the highest wages reaching $15.00 in New York City and $14.00 in the Portland Metro Area effective July 1, 2021.

At the end of the spectrum, the lowest minimum wage rates of $5.15 are in Georgia and Wyoming. However, most employers and employees are subject to the higher federal minimum wage rate of $7.25 per hour.

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5 Ways to Make Your Content Marketing Strategy Work for Your Small Business | Small Business Trends

Content marketing is widely successful for generating new leads and attracting new customers to your business. A full 70% of companies say they invest in content marketing strategy, and  60% say that content marketing is very or extremely important to their overall business strategy.

How to Make Content Marketing Work for Your Small Business

But successful content marketing requires more than simply starting a blog and posting on social media. You need an effective strategy that connects up all your content marketing efforts, and that’s far more challenging. Many marketers still aren’t handling it efficiently, with one study reporting that only 23% of marketers agreed that they are succeeding at managing content across the organization.

If you’re part of the remaining 77%, don’t panic. We have some essential tips for boosting your content marketing strategy.

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Backup Power Options for Small Businesses | business.com

It’s important to develop a disaster plan for your business that accounts for the scenario of a power failure.

  • Power failures pose a serious financial risk to small businesses, interrupting your operations and income if you don’t have a backup plan.
  • Onsite power backup options include uninterrupted power supplies and generators.
  • Price and capabilities determine the best generator for your business. Portable, stationary, propane and natural gas versions are all available for commercial use.

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How Free Accessibility Plugins Create Fresh Problems for Small Business | Small Business Trends

Problems with Free Accessibility Plugins

A 2018 statement by the Department of Justice confirmed that ADA requirements to make your business accessible to customers with disabilities applies to your internet presence as well as your physical stores. Recent headlines about the Supreme Court ruling against Domino’s Pizza for running an app that can’t be used by blind pizza-lovers only underlined the importance of this issue.

Web accessibility should concern every small business owner

Web accessibility isn’t just for the big fish to worry about. Disability activists, tired of waiting for companies to comply with web accessibility guidelines like WCAG 2.0, are increasingly sending lawyer demand letters and initiating lawsuits against small businesses that have an online store or simple web presence that doesn’t comply with ADA title III requirements for web accessibility.

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