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How a $140 bill snowballed into foreclosure – Economy Watch

Vulpis didn’t know he had a big problem with the four-year-old bill until last December, he said, when he was served with papers notifying him that he had lost his Middletown, N.J., home to foreclosure. Neither he nor his wife were notified of the foreclosure process until the final judgment was granted last December, he said.

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iPad scammers swindle $180 from South Carolina woman – latimes.com

Examine your purchases carefully. Thanks to Dan Williford for the article. – Ed.

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Scam Alert | You Have Been Selected

You may receive this happy announcement:

Hey! People like me if I pay them!

Hey! People like me if I pay them!

I am pleased to announce that Whiteboard Partners LLC has been selected for the 2009 Best of Chino Hills Award in the Industrial & Labor Consulting Services category by the US Commerce Association.

After the initial wave of ‘Yeah, I’m all that’, you start asking yourself, who is bestowing this honor.

A quick trip to the Better Business Bureau reveals this:

Recent emails notifying businesses that they have won prestigious awards from a national association appear to be part of a widespread scheme designed to get companies to pay for “vanity” awards and plaques.

A Google search produces a much more entertaining result.
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