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Saudi Prince Reads Jon Stewart’s “America, the Book”

I was watching a BBC documentary ‘Inside the Saudi Kingdom, which focused on the life and duties of Saudi Prince Saud bin Abdul Mohsen, governor of theamericathebook1 

province of Hail in Saudi Arabia, when I noticed the red and white book on the top of the Prince’s book stack (upper right corner). Is it this book?:


The question is this: Does the Prince realize it’s satire? If not, it would explain a lot.

Saudi Crackdown on Bloggers Is More Subtle, Sinister Than Mere Licenses | Fast Company

The kingdom of Saudi Arabia has a history of detainment and harassment of politics-obsessed bloggers. This includes a variety of secularists, leftists, and Islamists whose views often fall under official disfavor for a variety of reasons. Fifty-seven-year-old human rights activist and blogger Sheikh Mekhlef bin Dahham al-Shammari has been in prison since June on charges of “annoying others.” Munir al-Jassas, who frequently blogged on pro-Shiite topics, has been in prison since November of 2009.

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