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The best Samsung Galaxy S20 FE cases and covers for 2022 | Digital Trends

If you’ve chosen a Samsung Galaxy S20 FE (Fan Edition) over the regular Galaxy S20, you’ll find a lot to love, like that 6.5-inch Super AMOLED screen with a 120Hz refresh rate and 5G connectivity. Whichever of the six gorgeous colors you went for — from Cloud Orange to Cloud Lavender — your Galaxy phone needs superb protection against drops and bumps. You don’t want to risk taking your phone out and about without ensuring that it’s safe, and we’ve picked some of the best cases around that offer a combination of protection and style. Pick up one of the best Samsung Galaxy S20 FE cases from our list.

These cases are designed for the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE, but we’ve also got some of the best cases for the Samsung Galaxy S20 and the S20 Plus.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus Review: A Weekend With A Giant | Digital Trends

The Galaxy Note 10 Plus is in my hands. That’s hands — plural — because this is a hulking beast of a phone. Not just in size, but also in features.

I’ve only been using Samsung’s latest for a little more than two days, so consider this review a work-in-progress. I’ll be adding to it as the week goes on, and will have a final verdict as the August 23 launch date draws near. Until then, here are my thoughts so far.

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Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 Hands-on Review: ECG and LTE | Digital Trends

Barely six months have passed since Samsung debuted the Galaxy Watch Active, its smartwatch with a more fitness-focused design over the 2018 Galaxy Watch, but there’s already a new entry: The Galaxy Watch Active 2. It’s an iterative upgrade, but there are worthwhile additions that enrich the wearable experience, like two size options for more comfort, a digital rotating bezel for easier navigation, and LTE connectivity so you can leave your phone behind.

But the biggest changes are more subtle. The Watch Active 2 has a host of more sensors for more accurate fitness-tracking data, not to mention an ECG sensor like on the Apple Watch Series 4. It’s shaping up to be a strong contender, all while maintaining a sleek aesthetic and enticing price point at $279.

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Samsung Galaxy S5 review | CNET

The Good Samsung’s Galaxy S5 excels at everything that matters — Android 4.4 KitKat OS; a bright, beautiful display; blistering quad-core processor; and an excellent camera experience. In addition, Samsung’s efforts to streamline its own custom interface and reduce pre-installed bloatware pay off.

The Bad The Galaxy S5 is a only small upgrade over the Galaxy S4. The fingerprint scanner can be confusing to use, and the heart-rate monitor is a niche feature at best. In some regions, the Galaxy S5 costs significantly more than rival top-rated handsets.

The Bottom Line Subtly improved and smartly refined, the Samsung Galaxy S5 is a superior superphone that hits every mark but the sharpest design.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Review: Far More To Offer Than Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus | Forbes.com

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has been my phone of choice for the last year. I’ve used a lot of others, like the LG G3, which I’ve also loved. But I’ve ended up back on the Note 3 every time. That, to me, is the best indication that the Note range is perfectly designed for my needs.

So who should consider a Note 4? Well, my first advice would be that if you have a Note 3, the upgrade is going to be small for you. You’ll get a better screen, nicer design and some nice health and fitness tools, but it’s not a revolution – more an evolution. So those on two-year contracts shouldn’t fret if they’re going to have to stick with the Note 3 for another year.

But for those looking to go down a new route, switch from an iPhone or smaller Android, is the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 worth it?Spoiler: yes, without doubt.

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