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Radio Show Interview | Peter Mehit

Peter Mehit will appear on Robert Planks podcast to discuss the seven steps to achieving business success.  Listen to the show to learn how you can go from idea to success using a simple, easy to follow system.  Click here to go to the show.

How To Write A Killer Business Plan | Peter Mehit

If you’re like most, when thinking of a new business venture, idea or concept that you want to start, then writing a business plan is probably the furthest thing on your mind.  You just want to dive in to the exciting stuff right?  You’re too busy coming up with a catchy name, a logo, colors, designing your new website, picking out office furniture and buying cool office technology equipment to worry about sitting down and writing out a business plan.

Besides, you have most of the ideas in your mind, you kind of have a rough idea of what you want to do and how you are going to do it; the rest of the stuff will just fall into place and take care of itself right?

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