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Must See TV: America on the Edge! | Peter Mehit

During the 2008 campaign, Fast Company magazine called Obama a brand. Sadly, it turns out that they were right. Like most brand advertising, Obama identified with people and projected the things people wanted for their country, without having the will or ability to deliver. He lifted up a new ideal of government, creating at the same time a great height to fall from. He had a huge job that required Lyndon Johnson or FDR or Truman levels of courage and skill to pull off. But he hasn’t displayed that talent, the ability to push for common ground while being simultaneously willing to smack the opposition.

When Republicans campaign, they’re nasty bastards. They will do ANYTHING to win. If you want to sell a war, talk about mushroom clouds over American cities. If you want to boost the debt to sky high levels, suggest that gays getting married will cause the collapse of the civilization. If you’re opposed by a war hero, make him look like a total pussy. Mitt Romney’s multiple positions on everything tells you everything you need to know. They just put their heads down and charge.

Democrats on the other hand need to look like they’re fair. They want to be seen as standing on the moral high ground and knowing what’s best for all of us. They say they want everyone to get along when in reality they just want everyone to think like them or shut up. They want to be superior, but are inept at using power. They act like a brand new manager who believes the title should give them respect and action from subordinates. As most of us know, those managers get smoked, usually by one of their underlings. The next job you see them at they’re the boss from hell.

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Robert Sayegh, Delta Passenger, Kicked Off Plane For Using F-Word – AOL Travel News

Robert Sayegh was flying back from his cousin’s wedding on Sunday on a Delta flight, when, while complaining about a delay, he used the F-word to a fellow passenger and was promptly kicked off the flight.

If this is the new criteria, I will never be able to fly again – Ed.

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BBC News – US lifts lid on top secret plan for internet security

We must continue to seek out innovative new partnerships – not only within government, but also among industry, government and the American public,” he told delegates at the event, hosted by the security company RSA in San Francisco.

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