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5 Benefits of Switching to a Paperless Office | BusinessTips.com

paperlessIf you’ve been to a thrift store recently, you might have noticed a surplus of briefcases. Lots of people are getting rid of briefcases because they’re relics of a time before laptops, iPads, and smartphones ruled the workplace.

Briefcases made sense in the era when you hauled dozens of papers to work each day, but that era is over. So why hasn’t your business made the shift away from paper? There are dozens of benefits of a paperless office. Here are five of the most important:

1. You’ll diminish your environmental impact. A single sheet of paper might seem innocuous, but its production requires an incredible amount of energy. The papermaking process is resource-intensive. After trees are harvested — usually by machine — they’re taken to a factory and transformed into paper through a process involving harmful chemicals. The resulting paper is then bundled and transported to the front door of your office. Then it ends up in a recycling bin after it jams your printer.

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  The Emerging Ideas and Progressive Ideals of the 2015 Business | Getentrepreneurial

Today, every business needs more than an edge. In an atmosphere that’s filled with competitors looking to fill every niche at lightning speed, every aspect of a business needs move with the speed and fluidity of a startup. Fortunately, technology has made this readily possible.

First, think small, but do it in a big way. The cloud is huge, but it has the potential to make your business more agile than even your largest competitor. Centralized storage not only saves on server and backup costs, but also allows your entire workforce to access every bit of relevant information in real time. Even better, they can do it remotely.

The ideal of the paperless office is quickly becoming a reality, and cloud computing is the way it’s happening. Every document, report and record can be stored in a single location that’s accessible from locations as close as the corner office and as far away as your sales team in Singapore.

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