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Benefits of Paperless Payroll | business.com

Most businesses stand to benefit substantially from paperless payroll platforms, though electronic payroll might not perfectly fit all companies.

As evermore business needs go digital, payroll follows suit: Paper checks and manual payroll tabulation are largely on the way out in favor of paperless payroll. Below, learn everything you should know as you consider making the switch.

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Just Say No to Writing Checks | AllBusiness.com

If you still use paper checks to handle your small business’s expenses, such as paying your suppliers or your staff, writing checks could be costing your company money, a new survey by Dwolla reveals.

The study reports that the 67 percent of U.S. small businesses that still use paper checks, spend an average of nearly $900 a year doing so. That includes time spent on writing checks, maintaining paper check operations, labor and buying the actual checks and supplies. But that’s not the only way that using checks to pay your bills—and not offering your customers other payment options—can cost your business money.

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