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Who Owns the Northern Lights? | SPIEGEL ONLINE

“We can not stand by and watch the Finns try to grab a bigger share” of the northern lights market.

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Slipping off the Grid, or, How to Start A Revolution Without Even Trying | Peter Mehit

The sixth person we know personally is about to lose their home. We know a lot of small business owners and they are being crushed out of existence between unmanageable debt and evaporating customers. How far they will go down, since the number of jobs employing their college educated skills is trending to zero, we do not know, but they are no longer property owners. This is bad for all of us.
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Hernando de Soto – IT’S ABOUT PAPER NOT BUBBLES: Stopping the Meltdown

IT’S ABOUT PAPER NOT BUBBLES: Stopping the Meltdown

I recently received the following mail from Marshall Thurber, who studied and worked with R. Buckminster Fuller and W. Edwards Deming as well founded the Positive Deviant Network, about an article written by Hernando De Soto. Mr. De Soto, a Peruvian economist whose work focuses on the impact of the absence of a formal property ownership system in under-developed countries and how that lack of rights leads to endless poverty. Mr. De Soto has won numerous awards including the Milton Friedman Prize for Advancing Liberty and the Bradley Prize for outstanding achievement by the Bradley Foundation.

In this article, with Marshall’s preface included, Mr. De Soto discusses the real causes and dangers of our current economic situation:

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