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How overtime pay went from labor right to a rarity | Fast Company

While in the White House, Barack Obama had ambitious plans to expand overtime pay to millions of American workers who didn’t receive it, seeking to revive the New Deal promise of a fair wage for a fair day’s work. He was partly inspired by a single mom working at a sandwich shop in Tucson, Arizona.

Elizabeth Paredes was 23 and raising a 3-year-old boy in 2015 when she concluded it was unfair that she didn’t get paid time and a half for the extra hours she put in as an assistant manager at Baggin’s Gourmet Sandwiches. She was working at least 50 hours a week at the deli chain but still wasn’t earning a higher wage for those overtime hours, leaving her struggling to pay her rent, buy groceries, and afford childcare. Paredes went to her manager to complain, but she says he replied with the words: “That’ll never happen.”

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How to Manage Employee Attendance (With Templates) | businessnewsdaily.com

You should learn to manage your employee attendance, since it affects your overtime pay, your customers’ experience and your overall finances.

  • Employee attendance affects your overtime pay, your customers’ experience and your overall finances.
  • Challenges to your employees’ attendance include unexpected absences, late arrivals, early departures and sick employees coming to work.
  • You should craft attendance policies and use time and attendance software to measure employees’ hours.
  • This article is for employers who want to learn how to track and manage employee attendance.

Although remote work is on the rise, not every job can be done from afar – and even those that can often demand firm employee schedules. To keep your employees in line with these schedules, you’ll need to manage employee attendance remotely for your whole team of full-timers, part-timers, hourly employees and salaried professionals. There are many moving parts involved, but with a few simple tips, you can monitor your employees’ time and attendance with ease.

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Overworked, underpaid Americans could soon get some relief | Money CNN

Millions of people who work long hours today will soon get more money … or more free time. Or not.

By mid-May, the Department of Labor is expected to formally expand the number of workers entitled to overtime pay.

The changes are intended to give a fairer shake to very low-paid salaried workers who don’t get overtime even though they put in well over 40 hours a week. Why? Because they have some ‘managerial duties.’

But some employers could find ways around the new rules.

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