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Borrowed a School Laptop? Mind Your Open Tabs | WIRED

WHEN TENS OF millions of students suddenly had to learn remotely, schools lent laptops and tablets to those without them. But those devices typically came with monitoring software, marketed as a way to protect students and keep them on-task. Now, some privacy advocates, parents, and teachers say that software created a new digital divide, limiting what some students could do and putting them at increased risk of disciplinary action.

One day last fall, Ramsey Hootman’s son, then a fifth grader in the West Contra Costa School District in California, came to her with a problem: He was trying to write a social studies report when the tabs on his browser kept closing. Every time he tried to open a new tab to study, it disappeared.

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Mini Opener | CoolBusinessideas.com

This invention is a propeller shaped bottle opener that opens mini liquor bottles, beer bottles and aluminum can tabs. The Mini Opener is the very first bottle opener invented to open mini liquor bottles but its also versatile because it will open beer bottles and soda can tabs as well. It’s a great invention because it directly solves a problem that hasn’t been address by any other product on the market.