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2023 Low-Code Trends for Small Businesses | Small Biz Trends

Software engineering has, for decades, been the domain of coders and IT specialists, but the introduction of low-code has cracked the door on application development for business users whose coding experience begins and ends with drag and drop.

Low-code application development enables users to produce internal apps and business functions from a simple user interface that requires little actual coding. This means employees of small and medium-sized businesses maintain control over how they spend their hours—focusing on time-sensitive work and automating, delegating, or building apps to handle everything else.

Low-code is already producing results. According to KPMG, 100% of companies that have implemented a low-code platform have reported a positive ROI.

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How To Use Low-Code To Scale Your Business | Small Business Trends

No-code and low-code software tools have garnered much popularity, especially recently. Whether a business is already familiar with the software or has never heard of it till now, learning about how to leverage low-code in a dynamically changing workforce will help SMBs with limited budgets and time restraints meet customization and automation needs.

Businesses have had to digitize rapidly, due to shifts onset from the pandemic. However, allotting resources and money toward software development is challenging for most organizations, especially smaller ones who’ve struggled the most in the last year. According to Gartner, the market demand for software application development will increase more than 5 times through 2021, with more than 65% of application development in 2024 being performed by low code platforms. This means that SMBs need to transition from a reactionary position on no-code and low-code to one that equips their business for the future to innovate and scale.

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