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Why IoT Will Have a Big Impact on Health Care | Business.com

IoT will eventually have an impact on health care.

The concept of the Internet of Things (IoT) entails the use of electronic devices that help to capture or monitor data and are linked to a public or private network, empowering them to mechanically initiate certain events. In this article, we will study the context of IoT in the health care industry and come across the myriad of benefits it has bestowed upon it.

Internet of Things and the health care industry

Before the arrival of IoT, the patient’s interactions with doctors were restricted to physical visits and tele and text communications. There was absolutely no way in which the doctors could continuously monitor a patient’s health and suggest treatments accordingly.

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Why Everyone Must Get Ready For The 4th Industrial Revolution | Forbes

First came steam and water power; then electricity and assembly lines; then computerization… So what comes next?

Some call it the fourth industrial revolution, or industry 4.0, but whatever you call it, it represents the combination of cyber-physical systems, the Internet of Things, and the Internet of Systems.

In short, it is the idea of smart factories in which machines are augmented with web connectivity and connected to a system that can visualize the entire production chain and make decisions on its own.

And it’s well on its way and will change most of our jobs.

Professor Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum, has published a book entitled The Fourth Industrial Revolution in which he describes how this fourth revolution is fundamentally different from the previous three, which were characterized mainly by advances in technology.

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The ‘Internet of Things’ Is Changing the Way We Look at the Global Product Value Chain | Entrepreneur

The traditional product value chain has been shaken up with the unstoppable spread of globalization and the universal commodification of goods and services. Globalization has forced companies to adjust and respond.

In fact, Internet of Things (IoT) products are playing a pivotal role in the alteration of B2C relationships, delivery channels and product pricing, and their continued proliferation is shaping the very nature of how we look at the product value chain.

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3 Years From Now There Will Be 9 Billion Connected Devices – How Will This Impact Your Business? | Entrepreneur

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This latest episode of Modern Workplace explores how the Internet of Things is changing how people and technology interact.

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