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A Simple Hack Elevates This Office Sideboard | IKEA Hackers

Plain IKEA KALLAX gets upgraded to office sideboard

I wanted a side surface to my bay window desk which also had a lot of storage, so the KALLAX offered a blank canvas to work from.

A few months earlier I had bought a second hand upcycled IKEA STOCKHOLM walnut veneer coffee table. It had been covered in Orla Kiely wallpaper and varnished.

So I wanted to embrace this within the unit I made.

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This IKEA item may buy mom and dad more sleep | IKEA Hackers

If you have a toddler at home, you’re no stranger to early wake up calls. In the summer months it may get even earlier as the little one may wake with daylight.

Megan is a mom of 3, with the youngest at 3 years old. Megan came up with a sleep training clock to help her child know when it’s okay to wake the adults.

She bought the cheap IKEA STOMMA clock and drew on a new colourful face. The colourful sections are key to this sleep training clock.

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My new Writing Room / Sanctuary. Features a monster desk! | IKEA Hackers

I’ve recently taken up writing again, but I needed a nice quiet place to do that – and a place that makes me feel peaceful and happy. We decided to fit out a spare junk room into a writing room, a functional working space.

First, we painted it a lovely pale blue and then decided to make a monster desk out of METOD kitchen cabinets. It was put together over a few weekends – but really probably you should allow two solid days to do this properly (not counting the work to glue up the pinboard).

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Cash wrap counter to die for. It’s massive! | IKEA Hackers

We used IKEA components to build a massive cash wrap counter for our petstore.


3 x KALLAX 4×2 shelving units (Art no: 202.758.85)

2 x KALLAX shelving units (Art no: 202.946.19)

1 x KALLAX 5×5 shelving unit (Art no. 703.015.42)

Frames to cover the back of the 2×4 KALLAX units

4″ ABS pipes

Laminate top

We used 2 of the KALLAX (4 square x 2 square shelves), on their sides. Then a 2×4 frame was attached to the back of them.

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Turn a £7 LACK TV unit into a hallway bench | IKEA Hackers

Ikea Item Used: Lack TV unit

With clients visiting my home for my work, I have to be super tidy. I bought the Lack TV unit to use as a coffee table originally but without the gloss finish it wears very quickly and it was ruined on top with grazes and stains. So I hacked it!

By buying some foam seating, I attached fabric over it and then used wide sticky back Velcro to attach it to the bench. I went for nice fabric as price wasn’t a problem for me but any thick fabric will do (foam was blue so had to hide it showing through).

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SPONTAN Laptop Rack | IKEA Hackers

This is a modified Spontan magazine rack. We attached them to the walls outside the bathrooms at work so that you have somewhere safe to leave your laptop (rather than on the basin inside!).

The Spontan is made of metal (with an enamel coating). While it is designed for magazines and newspapers, it is quite strong, and can hold a laptop fairly easily. One of the problems though is that the metal surfaces may scratch the body of our precious laptops. We needed a padding solution.

For the “inside” of the rack, the part that you can’t see, we cut pieces of high density foam to size. It has self adhesive on one side. We stuck it on the “inside” surfaces of the rack. This must extend down to where the bottom edge of the laptop will rest.

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