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4 Companies That Use Humor in Marketing (And How You Can Too) | AllBusiness.com

4 Companies That Use Humor in Marketing (And How You Can Too)

ol the man laughs humor reaction Joker retro style

Why is humor so effective when it comes to marketing? People always say laughter is the best medicine, and this platitude is starting to impact the marketing strategy of several big brands. Let’s take a look at some examples of companies that successfully added humor to their marketing strategies and how you can do the same.

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Saudi Prince Reads Jon Stewart’s “America, the Book”

I was watching a BBC documentary ‘Inside the Saudi Kingdom, which focused on the life and duties of Saudi Prince Saud bin Abdul Mohsen, governor of theamericathebook1 

province of Hail in Saudi Arabia, when I noticed the red and white book on the top of the Prince’s book stack (upper right corner). Is it this book?:


The question is this: Does the Prince realize it’s satire? If not, it would explain a lot.

A Inspiratonal Hymn | Ben Hillman

A video from my friend, animator Ben Hillman.

WTF, Google? | TechWatch | Fast Company

Walker, Texas Vandal

Walker, Texas Vandal

Processing billions of queries a day almost guarantees that Google will get some mutations now and then. Today, TechRadar discussed some of the quiddities of Google’s Suggest function, but the “WTF, Google?” meme goes much deeper. Here are some specimens.

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Editor’s Note: I’m a sucker for a Chuck Norris gag.