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Top 9 Hiring Tips for Small Business Owners | AllBusiness.com

Hiring a new employee can result in a variety of overlooked costs, so it’s important to make each new hire count. Attracting and retaining top talent is a major advantage for your business, while keeping subpar employees puts you behind the competition.

Improving your hiring practices is one of the best changes you can make for your business, leading to lower turnover and more productivity. This article will cover the most important things small business owners should keep in mind throughout the hiring process.

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Startups: Don’t Fall Into The Culture-Fit Hiring Trap | Forbes

I once worked with a startup that wanted to hire a new VP of engineering. When I asked the CEO what he was looking for in a candidate, he said, “Someone who can play the drums.” (This CEO happened to be learning the drums at the time.) He was dead serious.

This may sound like a crazy, off-the-wall request, but it highlights a surprisingly common problem in recruiting. I work with startups all the time who say they need someone with the skills and experience to help them scale their company and take it to the next level, business-wise. But when it actually comes time to interview candidates, they’re completely – and myopically – focused on cultural issues instead.

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