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Goodwill is a Good Thing | Business-Valuation.biz

As suggested earlier, there are multiple interpretations of goodwill which extend beyond the SBA’s formulaic definition of “Selling Price Less Book Value of Acquired TangibleAssets”. Although there is some consistency between new GAAP rules on goodwill accounting, the IRS’ “residual method” and this “formula” method, the general shortcoming with the line of thinking put forth by the SBA to restrict or monitor goodwill-based lending is that goodwill should NOT be considered a negative feature or outcome or the reason why businesses default on their loans To the contrary, only successful firms will generate the profits needed to foster the presence of substantial goodwill however defined. In fact, the more profitable successful a firm becomes, the greater the firm’s goodwill value becomes all other things equal. The more profitable an asset-heavy manufacturing firm becomes, the greater the portion of value that is attributed to goodwill – is this a bad thing? In short, “goodwill” is a “good thing”.

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