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Gen Z hasn’t completely lost trust in their Elders. Hollywood is another story | Fast Company

Say “OK boomer” to “OK boomer.”

Members of Gen Z trust their elders more than the police, the government, and even, yes, Hollywood.

A lot more than Hollywood, actually.

Morning Consult surveyed people ages 13-23 in April, May, and June and found that this demographic is losing faith in all major institutions in the United States. In June, 28% of Gen Z found older generations to be trustworthy versus, say, 13% in police and 10% in the U.S. government. Only 4% said the same of Hollywood.

Here’s a breakdown, based on how many of them said they trust various components of our society “a lot”:

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A New Generation Of Zoomers | Getentrepreneurial.com

Can’t stop confusing your Zoomers and millennials? When it comes to hiring, the differences matter. According to Pew Research, millennials were born between 1981 and 1996 which makes them 24 to 39 years old in 2020; Zoomers (or Zers or Generation Z) were born starting in 1997, so the oldest turn 23 this year. This all means your potential hiring pool will change as Gen Z  is 24 percent of the global workforce this year, according to research by Manpower.

Although, you may think these successive generations aren’t all that different, their experiences, needs and actions are diverse enough to pay attention before you hire them. Here’s what you should know.

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How to Market to Gen Z? – The Consumer | THE BETA GENERATION

The personal computer (and now the smartphone, tablet, smartwatch, you get the picture) have allowed our generation to look at purchasing in a new light. We no longer only see products on TV, we can find and buy the products we love, the best ones at that, without leaving the comfort of our own home. This makes marketing to Gen Z a different game. We can find any product we need, so having advertisements shoved down our throat is unappealing. Buying the product is no longer the satisfaction of the purchase, but rather finding the product to begin with

Picture this: You’re in a clothing store and the size you try on doesn’t fit right. You give the item to a store clerk and ask them for the next size up. The store is all out of that size so she brings you a similar item in your size. You try it on and it fits like a glove.

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What Is Generation Z, And What Does It Want? | Co.Exist

3045317-inline-i-1-who-is-generation-z-and-what-do-they-wantPoor Generation Z. The oldest members of this cohort are barely 18 and they’re already getting a bad rap. Media and market research companies have labeled them “screen addicts” with the attention span of a gnat. And the pressure: They only have the weight of saving the world and fixing our past mistakes on their small shoulders.


While generational research is an inherently messy process—older generations study “the kids” to figure them out—much of the recent research is awash in normative preconceptions, biases, and stereotypes. Gen Z deserves a fairer shake, and the rest of us need a more nuanced conversation: This group makes up a quarter of the U.S. population and by 2020 will account for 40% of all consumers. Understanding them will be critical to companies wanting to succeed in the next decade and beyond.

My firm Altitude set out to dig below the surface to understand not only what Gen Z were doing but why—in their own words. We worked with over a dozen 16- to 18-year-olds with diverse backgrounds from across the country through a series of in-depth discussions, video diaries, and daily interactive exercises designed to provide a glimpse into their lives. Our goal was to view the world through their eyes.

What we learned was surprising.

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