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Stagflation | Getentrepreneurial.com

Stagflation is like an imperfect storm, a weather happening with lots of contributing factors. Stagflation is an economic condition caused by a combination of increasing inflation and high unemployment rates, which cause a decrease in consumer demand for goods and services.

In a good economy, there’s a balance, where slow steady economic growth is in step with consumer demand. With Stagflation, the economy is out of balance in a bad way.

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Immigrants Can Help Boost American Innovation And Economic Growth | Forbes

“Boosting economic growth” is a bipartisan goal. In fact, both the 2016 presidential candidates mentioned some version of it on their campaign websites. One way to boost economic growth is to increase the number of people working, and one way to get more people working is to increase immigration. Economic evidence shows that, in addition to boosting economic growth, immigration leads to a positive impact on wages of native-born workers.

Evidence also suggests that immigration boosts innovation. A recent study by one of us looks at the effect of Jewish émigrés from Germany during World War II on American innovators and innovation. The study finds a significant increase in innovation—in fields entered by immigrants, there is a 30% increase in patents by domestic inventors. These benefits are driven at least in part by contacts between immigrants and native inventors. One of the mechanisms at play is that American inventors come into contact with new sets of ideas and methods that they then use for their own work.

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Economic storms hit U.S. – 6 biggest threats to the stock market | CNNMoney

The American stock market is heating up again.

The Greek bailout and strong earnings from tech companies like Google (GOOG) and Netflix (NFLX, Tech30) have carried the Dow and S&P 500 near record highs. The Nasdaq is on track for a third-straight record close.

But that doesn’t mean the bull market in U.S. stocks is bulletproof. The biggest threat: a slowdown in the American economy.

Just look at how retail sales unexpectedly declined in June.

If people continue to hold back on spending, it will throw cold water on investors who are betting that economic growth will accelerate during the second half of 2015 following a weather-fueled contraction in the first quarter.

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