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How Eating Slow Can Transform Your Health and Make You More Productive | Entrepreneur

When you are hovered over your computer, do you think about what you’re eating or do you just shove it in your mouth? Likely the latter. And how long does it take you to eat a meal at work? Probably less than 20 minutes. And do you stop eating when you feel satisfied or do you finish everything on the plate, in the tupperware or whatever was wrapped up “to go” in paper for you? Not surprisingly, you probably finish it off, mindlessly unaware of portion size, so you can get to that call, meeting, errand or just keep up with the increasingly fast pace that we are working at.

Personally, multi-tasking and slowing down is a work in progress for me, and I suffer from digestion issues if I eat too quickly or on-the-go. I have a European heritage, and I think about how Europeans tend to not eat and drink on-the-go or at their desks like Americans do. Rather, they sit down to enjoy their coffee or meals, so much that the only reason they have “to-go” cups at European cafes seems to be for the American tourists.

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