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Is drinking rainwater safe? | Live Science

If you stick out your tongue on a rainy day, you might think the drops you’ve tasted are the same as the water that comes out of your tap. But rainwater actually contains many microscopic ingredients that get filtered out before it is pumped into your home.

So is it safe to collect and drink rainwater?

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Filtering Nanoplastics From Drinking Water | Cool Business Ideas to Start in 2022

Today’s filtration technologies do a wonderful job of producing potable water, but the spread of plastic waste throughout the environment means there are new threats to contend with. A new study has investigated the performance of different techniques when it comes to removing nanoplastics from water, and shown that biologically active systems known as slow sand filters can remove the tiny particles with 99.9 percent efficacy.

As the even smaller sibling of already troubling microplastics, nanoparticles have come into focus as a big problem as scientists deepen our understanding of plastic pollution. Where microplastics that measure less than 5 mm (0.2 in) are notoriously difficult to track and threaten the livelihood of organisms such as marine life, it is becoming clear that nanoplastics might pose their own unique set of problems.

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