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Are Women Outearning Their Husbands? | ELLE.com

What percentage of American wives out earn their husbands? The number just might astonish you, as would an inevitable “men’s liberation” movement. (Ladies, you’re gonna get the corner office.)

If you’ve been hanging around the United States over the past 20 years or so, you’ve bumped up against the notion, in the media and maybe in real life, that wives are increasingly earning more than their husbands—and what a fiasco it is! Men feel emasculated and resent their wives’ incessant harangues about helping more around the house; women seethe as they continue to take on more than their fair share of the domestic duties and find themselves losing sexual desire for the unambitious lummoxes in their midst. Certainly you can think of a few couples in which this is not the case, in which he and she seem to have reached some graceful accommodation or are even, by all appearances, thriving: The guy is happily pushing the kids on the swings, while the gal is digging her high-powered job (and/or paycheck). But regardless of all the cultural noise, the overall proportion of wives whose salaries eclipse their husband’s is, while not insignificant, nothing like the norm—right?


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