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5 Mistakes That People With Emotional Intelligence Never Make | All Business

“Emotional intelligence quotient” or EQ has become such a buzzword these days, we often tune out when we hear people talk about it. Many of us perceive emotional intelligence as a clever term to convince us to be more empathetic. Emotional intelligence, however, goes well beyond empathy. When we’re emotionally intelligent, we have mastered our emotions — and that’s no easy task.

You might have witnessed people “losing it” in business. They cry in frustration. They shout and slam doors. They threaten to leave. They plead. In short, they let their negative emotions drive their behavior. Their colorful behavior is then usually followed by employees gossiping at the water cooler with the final result being long-lasting damage to the person’s personal brand. Unfortunately, anyone with a weak personal brand has little chance of professional advancement.

This is why as overused as the term “emotional intelligence” might be, we must pay attention to it. The following are five common mistakes emotionally intelligent people never make. Avoid these mistakes to keep your brand strong and to help you advance on the path to success.

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