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How to Write a Cold Email That Gets Results | AllBusiness.com

In today’s fast-paced world of consumerism and companies vying for attention, it can be hard to stand out in a meaningful way. But, even with the average person seeing between 6,000 and 10,000 ads every single day, it’s not impossible.

With short messages dominating modern communication and the rise of popular messaging apps like WhatsApp, the key to standing out is to capture your prospect’s attention in as little time as possible.

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How to Consistently Get a 50% Open Rate on Your Cold Emails | The Startup Magazine

You don’t have to send thousands of cold emails to get just a handful of replies. Unless you’ve already mastered the craft of cold emailing, you’re probably not seeing over a 50% open rate. If that’s the case for you, I want to share three simple steps that will help you write emails that people actually open.

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Keep Your Cold Emails Short, Sweet, and Readable by Avoiding These 4 Mistakes | Inc.com

Long emails are bad enough when they come from grandma. When they come from a stranger, they’re practically unforgivable.

One of the fastest ways to annoy potential buyers and lose business is to send them lengthy emails that say too much, quote too often, and broadcast your lack of respect for the recipient’s busy schedule.

Our work lives are filled with ways to do sales and marketing: messaging tools, news feeds, social networks, and on-the-go conference calls. That means even a moderately long email whose sales pitch is muddled can be a hindrance to doing business with others. No one wants to decipher your five-paragraph opus when they can find relevant benefits in a two-line message from someone else.

With that in mind, here are a few of the most common reasons long emails happen, and how to create better client relationships by avoiding them.

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