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Tech Trends to Watch From CES 2019 | Digital Trends

Tech shapes our daily life, impacting not just how we read and work and play but how we interact, how we learn, how we grow. And just days from now in Las Vegas, CES (formerly the Consumer Electronics Show) will give us a window into what that will look like.

Unfortunately, it’s a really big window.

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Seeing Through Walls Is the Least Cool Thing This Tech Does | Entrepreneur

With an HTC Vive strapped to my head, I looked toward a wall in the hotel room and saw a person-shaped image. Back in reality, a Vayyar employee was stepping side to side in the bathroom. I was able to track his movements from the other room.

To put it bluntly, I was seeing through walls.

Out of all the things I saw at CES, Vayyar’s technology may be the most impactful. The Israeli company’s sensors use radio frequency signals to create 3-D scans. As the electromagnetic waves bounce off an object, it creates the data for the sensor.

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Withings Made a $100 Thermometer, And You’ll Probably Want To Buy It | WIRED

A THERMOMETER IS not a new proposition. Most people own one—likely of the stick-it-under-your-tongue variety—and by many measures, it’s a simple device people rarely think about until they’ve broken out in cold sweats. So it’s strange that this year at CES, amid the drones and smart gadgets of every stripe and still more drones, one of the hottest gadgets at the show was something that reads your temperature.

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