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Secrets to Creating Your Own Profitable, Sustainable, Successful Business | Getentrepreneurial.com

Growing a successful business is something every entrepreneur and business owner aspires to. So why do so few actually succeed and experience business success?

Having worked closely with very successful business owners and entrepreneurs, and having built my own successful business, I’m here to tell you it isn’t easy.

True success comes from two things: Knowing the business and/or marketing strategy that’s perfect for you, and mastering your inner blocks and mindset.

Both are easier said than done.

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The Problems With Working For A Consulting Agency (Do This Instead) | Management Consulting Connection

You might be losing a lot of money right now.

I’ve worked with hundreds of consultants in many industries all around the world and often I hear about situations where people are losing a lot of money, they’re losing a lot of opportunities. In some cases, they’re aware of it. In other cases, they’re not.

What am I talking about? I’m talking about working with other agencies. I’m talking about you working as a consultant and not a consulting business owner. There’s a very big difference. So let’s look at these. I’ll put it all into play for you.

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15 Experts On What It Means to Be an Entrepreneur | Business News Daily

Most people would agree that an entrepreneur is a person who has started his or her own business. But that basic definition barely scratches the surface. It does little to capture the true essence of what it means to be a risk-taker, innovator and individual willing to carve his or her own path in a world that doesn’t always take kindly to people who fail to follow the status quo.

Are you itching to venture out on your own, but you wonder if you have what it takes to choose the road less traveled? Check out what 15 company founders and business leaders told Business News Daily about what they think makes a truly successful entrepreneur.

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Asking For Help Could Be The Biggest Boost Your Business Gets | Getentrepreneurial

Running your own business can feel like it’s you against the world. Especially in the early days.

However, no one has to fly solo. Help is out there and it’s just a matter of knowing where to find it.

Cultivated properly and nurtured frequently, business mentors and friends can turn into some of the biggest assets you have, outside of your own staff. Their guidance, ideas and counsel can help your business grow and turn you into a better leader.

Here are some tips that have worked for me:

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  Top 10 Differences between Entrepreneurs and Wantrepreneurs | Getentrepreneurial

There are important differences between entrepreneurs and wantrepreneurs that explain why some business people succeed against all odds, while most fail. It isn’t always easy to predict who will come out on top in the competitive world of business. Lenders, investors and prospective business associates considering a relationship with an entrepreneur should carefully evaluate possible liaisons based on the list below. The question to answer is whether the business owner is a committed and focused entrepreneur or a wantrepreneur destined to fail.

Entrepreneurs are passionate about their business and are willing to make it the top priority in their life, in sharp contrast to wantrepreneurs who may talk about their dream but are unable to focus on the business and give it the necessary attention required to succeed.

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5 Habits That Cause Entrepreneurs To Fail | Business Tips

Fortunately, as the former U.S. Small Business Administration’s Entrepreneur of the Year (and recovering jackass), I get asked to help grow businesses in nearly every industry. Unfortunately, and sadly as a business owner who once practiced the dark art of “Jackassery,” I can empathize with nearly every poor decision they are making because I used to make the same poor decisions as well. My friend, when banks refer me to a business to help them grow or to “turn the ship around” I often see businesses that are crashing and burning firsthand.

Because I’ve personally witnessed these implosions and explosions so many times, I’ve identified five reasons that can account for every failure I’ve witnessed. In the spirit of full disclosure, I must say that I haven’t had the chance to work with an entrepreneur in the clay pigeon or petting zoo industries, so I cannot speak to these industries from experience. Thus, if you are in those two industries, these five habits that cause entrepreneurs to fail, don’t apply to you. However, for everybody else, as you read these habits and false beliefs, ask yourself which one sounds most like you. What are you going to do to begin improving upon yourself and your mindset today?

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Get Serious! Get a Team. | Peter Mehit

downloadEntrepreneurship is a process and not a goal; a journey, not a destination. Being a successful owner requires you to think about the future and manage the present at the same time. It means you need to take concrete steps to secure that future as early as possible while being willing to change your plans as opportunity dictates.

One of the first things you need is a plan. You should take the time to develop a formal business plan with realistic financial projections, but any plan that maps out your objectives and gives you a way to measure your progress toward them is better than no plan. Just as it’s difficult to build a house without blueprints, it’s even harder jumping into business without an idea of where you want to end up. The beautiful thing about plans is you can fix them if they’re not working. Without a plan, you’ll be left wondering what happened.

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2 Unusual Secrets To Keep Your Customers Happy | Page 19

4057782618_8a9b07cc40_bDon’t be afraid to take action if a customer is holding you back. Here’s an argument for why you should cut ties with problem customers, and what you can do to keep the ones who are loyal.

As a business owner, you naturally love your customers – that is, all of them except that one bad apple who seems to be leading a grand mission to take you down. You plan and stress and lose sleep over the bad apple’s demands, and you even consider changing your policies for them. But here’s the truth: you should quit that relationship while you’re ahead.

“The customer is always right!” is a common expression you’ve heard many times over, and most often, it serves as a great mantra for conducting daily business operations. However, as Noah Fleming writes in Evergreen, all customers aren’t always right all the time. At some point, it becomes your responsibility to cut ties with the customer who is bringing you down.

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Focused Entrepreneurial Mindset | Business Tips

downloadGrowing up, how many times did one of your friend’s eyes light up right before they declared, “I have a great idea”? In elementary school, that statement was probably followed by a pitch on why your group of buddies should have a contest to see who could chug their lunch milk the fastest (trying to be the one who kept it down was the real challenge). Now, that one sentence – I have a great idea – is more often followed by an actual good idea and if you’re reading this, chances are one of them came from you.   Making that idea more than just a fleeting moment of inspiration is the hard part. Becoming a business owner takes more than smarts and knowing people. It requires an extremely disciplined and ever-motivated mindset that not everyone knows how to get into. If you want to be a successful entrepreneur though, it’s important that you do. Below are some tips to help you get there.

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How Can Small Businesses Afford to Grow? | All Business

Growth is a very important part of any business. In order to keep the business going and reach all the goals that the business is capable of, business owners need to supply the tools that their business needs to grow and succeed. Necessary growth for businesses can range from adding on more staff to the payroll or buying a new piece of equipment to make their production process go faster. No matter what is needed for the growth that the business needs, it is never an inexpensive investment.

This dilemma causes an all too common issue for many businesses, especially for small businesses. The business owners need to invest in something in order to grow and keep their business going, but they cannot afford to make the investments that they need with the business’s current revenue. This is a problem that seems impossible to overcome, but with a little assistance and the right planning, any business can overcome this obstacle and grow enough to achieve all the goals that the business owner has set for it. Here are some ways that small businesses can afford to grow and how any business owner can make it happen for their business.

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