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4 Business Etiquette Tips Straight From Middle School | Inc.com

Tuesday nights have been rough around my house.

My daughter Lucy, 12, is in the middle of an eight-week dance and etiquette training course for middle schoolers that’s commonly known as “cotillion.” She says she hates cotillion and protests mightily. Good manners are always a good idea, I told her. Think of college interviews and job interviews. Heck, think of walking into a high school dance with confidence, because you got the moves.

And she said, “Yes, of course, Mother, I know you’re right.” Heck no, she didn’t say that. But I’m playing the long game. I bet years from now Lucy will appreciate the wisdom of cotillion. In the meantime, I figure we all could stand to brush up on our eqtiquette skills, so I’ve compiled this refresher. After all, good manners are always a good idea in business and professional circles, too.

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