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7 Unnecessary Expenses for New Businesses | AllBusiness.com

What is one business item that startups should put aside until the business actually starts to make money? We posed this question to successful startup founders and CEOs. From not issuing credit cards to employees to holding off hiring a public relations team, here are seven unnecessary expenses for new businesses. You’ll want to avoid these until your business starts making a profit. 7 unnecessary expenses for new businesses

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Entrepreneurs Share 7 Smart Reasons They Use Business Credit Cards | AllBusiness.com

A business credit card can be much more than a convenient way to pay for purchases. These cards can also provide lucrative rewards, superior fraud protection, and can smooth out cash flow. According to the Federal Reserve’s 2019 Small Business Credit Survey, 52% of firms with 1 to 499 employees use credit cards on a regular basis.

Here, seven small business owners reveal the smartest purchase they ever made on a credit card, and why putting those purchases on plastic was a savvy move. In addition, you’ll learn strategies for making the most of your business credit cards.

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