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9 Apps Entrepreneurs Love That You’ve Probably Never Heard Of | All Business

Certain apps — from Mailbox to LinkedIn — are a given for entrepreneurs on the go. But with thousands of apps out there, it’s easy to overlook something that could make your life easier or, in some cases, just brighten your day.

With that in mind, we asked nine founders from YEC the following:

Q: What relatively unknown app do you open first thing in the morning to help you start your workday?

1. Slacker Radio

Slacker streams ABC News and is updated every 30 minutes to an hour. I love it; I’ve been using it to listen to news in the morning while getting ready and while walking or taking the bus to the office. NPR One is a new contender, but I still feel Slacker’s stream is more news than audio documentary or interview. – Chuck Reynolds, Levers

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The 15 Best Business Apps for 2014 | Allbusiness.com

As Michael Bay proved this week, managing a hectic work schedule isn’t easy. During an appearance as a keynote speaker for Samsung, he made a mistake, lost his nerve, and walked off. Although the Internet community wasted no time voicing its contempt, Bay made no defense of his embarrassing moment. He freely admitted a foible: “I guess live shows aren’t my thing.” In this instance, over-enthusiasm and technology let him down.

Anyone can make a mistake, but fortunately we live in an era where technology can correct many of them for us. For business professionals this digital assistance often comes in the form of an exceptional array of apps. Knowing which ones to download can be time consuming, so to help you on your way we have gathered a selection of the very best available.

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