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Science Meets Culture: What Is The Future of Micromobility? | The Startup Magazine

In early March, Lyft announced that it is offering free scooter rides to essential workers in New York because of the COVID pandemic. Those scooters you’ve been seeing everywhere since 2018 are part of a new intersection between tech and transportation called micromobility.

Tech might be a new player in this field, but “micromobility” has actually existed for hundreds of years. The pain point electric scooters address is the same one that Einstein Newton relieved biking to the patent office.

Longboards and bicycles are low-tech solutions to this same pain point. The following are a few of the tech industry’s proposed solutions to the “last-mile problem,” which is what the industry calls the demand for an alternative to walking to and from the last few miles to a destination:

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Questions About Bicycles, Family Debts, iPads, Used Textbooks, and More! – The Simple Dollar

As 2018 winds down to a close, I encourage you to take a moment and reflect on the things that went well in the past year. What were your biggest successes in 2018?

Then, ask yourself how exactly you made them happen. Hard work? Good relationships? A good education? A little bit of luck? How many of those things were firmly under your control?

That’s your recipe for success going forward. Those are the tools that you already have in your hands that are leading you to success. Keep those tools sharp and use them in the coming year.

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