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How Busy Are You, Really? Here Are 5 Ways to Find Out | AllBusiness.com

Are you busy, or just busy bragging?

You might feel personally attacked by this question, but it’s a legitimate one—and one that’s been on minds of most bosses in all industries, especially in the past couple of decades. According to one study of 10,000 adults across 28 different countries, 42% of adults admit to habitually overstating how busy they are, with 60% believing their peers overstate their levels of busyness. Given that this is a self-reported survey, we can probably assume those numbers are even higher.

Why might you exaggerate how busy you are? There’s a chance you could get out of doing work if your boss already thinks your schedule is full, but in most cases, it’s due to competitive pressures. Being busy is something of a status symbol; claiming you’re busy makes you seem more diligent than your peers, and makes you seem more indispensable.

So, what can you do to find out how busy you really are?

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We’re Not Nearly as Busy as We Pretend to Be, According to a New Study | Adweek

Hey are you busy?” We all know that when someone asks this question at work, there’s only one possible answer.

But maybe, just maybe, we’re not actually that busy.

A new study from Havas Worldwide surveyed 10,000 adults worldwide and found that 42 percent admitted to overstating their obligations, while around 60 percent believe that other people are pretending to be busier than they really are.

Millennials were most likely to exaggerate their workload (51 percent) and to accuse their peers of doing the same (65 percent), while only 26 percent of Boomers said they pretend to be busier than they are.

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