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Millennials: 10 Things Old Farts Won’t Tell You About Entrepreneurship ( Fourth in the Series) | Peter Mehit

newsletter4. Minimum Viable Products Can Be Missing Valuable Pieces

Fail fast. Fail forward. Nice, glib encouragements that old farts will give you from the security of their wealth and comfort.  Use lean start up techniques to consolidate your ideas into a minimum viable product (MVP) that you can get in front of the market to see if there’s interest.  Use the least amount of effort and treasure to see if there are buyers.  Once you get a spark, pivot toward a business model that you can monetize by adding costly but more unique aspects to your product or app.

It makes sense.  Think of your start-up effort as more of a lab than a business.  You’re experimenting more than launching and using the results to fine tune the next moves toward the market.  If you’ve done everything properly, even your failures will teach you something as you assemble the information you need to identify your ideal customers and build the product they want to buy.

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New IBM Tool Wants To Bring Shadow IT Under Control | TechCrunch

This morning IBM introduced a new tool called IBM Cloud Security Enforcer, whose purpose as you might guess is helping IT to root out unauthorized cloud apps inside organizations.

The use of cloud apps outside of IT’s purview has sometimes called Shadow IT because the cloud enables users to provision their own tools. This tends to make IT admins a bit crazy, knowing that people are using apps that they know nothing about.

The thinking behind the new tool is that sensitive data could be leaking through these rogue cloud applications, and that the Powers that Be in the enterprise need to get a grip on this, find the ones that people like and block the ones that are the worst security offenders.

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The Next Big Thing You Missed: New Apps Instantly Convert Spreadsheets Into Something Actually Readable | WIRED

TS_Wired_IMG80801Dave Story is building a mobile app that can instantly transform an Excel spreadsheet into something you can actually read.

It’s called Project Elastic, and he unveiled the thing this fall at a conference run by his company, Tableau. The Seattle-based company has been massively successful selling software that helps big businesses “visualize” the massive amount of online data they generate—transform all those words and numbers into charts and graphics their data scientists can more readily digest—but Project Elastic is something different. It’s not meant for big businesses. It’s meant for everyone.

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Here’s How One New College Grad Made $66,000 In One Month–Without A Full-Time Job | Forbes

After his junior year at Brigham Young University, Nick Walter, now 25, landed a great summer internship in the Seattle office of Pariveda Solutions, a Dallas-based tech consulting firm. Though he enjoyed the work and liked his clients and colleagues, he felt stifled. Used to jeans and t-shirts, he didn’t like wearing khakis and polo shirts and most of all, he says, “I hated that I had to be at this office every day for X amount of time doing what they said I had to do.”

So instead of heading down the career track he’d always expected of himself—he’d envisioned the security of a steady paycheck and benefits—he decided to go to BYU part-time for the next two years, while hiring himself out as a consultant and developing his own apps for the iPhone including seven how-two apps he wrote with a friend. One of them, called simply Weight Lifting Videos, has helped net $1,200 a month.Then he stumbled on a more lucrative possibility.

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5 apps to streamline tedious tasks | Mashable

With a constant influx of new technologies to market, it can be tough to keep up with trends. Instead of spending months speculating what new features will appear, it’s worthwhile to consider how best to make the available products work for you.

We tracked down a slew of apps to streamline the tedious tasks in your life, from printing photos to adding a new contact to your phone. These recommended hacks will shave hours off your chore list — hours that can be well spent being far more productive.

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The 15 Best Business Apps for 2014 | Allbusiness.com

As Michael Bay proved this week, managing a hectic work schedule isn’t easy. During an appearance as a keynote speaker for Samsung, he made a mistake, lost his nerve, and walked off. Although the Internet community wasted no time voicing its contempt, Bay made no defense of his embarrassing moment. He freely admitted a foible: “I guess live shows aren’t my thing.” In this instance, over-enthusiasm and technology let him down.

Anyone can make a mistake, but fortunately we live in an era where technology can correct many of them for us. For business professionals this digital assistance often comes in the form of an exceptional array of apps. Knowing which ones to download can be time consuming, so to help you on your way we have gathered a selection of the very best available.

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