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Military Dad Surprises Daughter At Spelling Bee After She Nails ‘Sergeant’ | CNN

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Tricare Investigation: Pentagon Plan Won’t Cover Brain-Damage Therapy | NPR

I have been privileged to be a panelist a number of times for grant panels at the CSUSB’s Office of Technology Transfer. Many of the grant applications focused on limiting or treating traumatic brain injury. It has been the armed forces top priority since the start of the Iraq war. How now is it that an ‘insurance style’ bureaucracy is denying care? Cost?

…reviewers called the Tricare study “deeply flawed,” “unacceptable” and “dismaying.” One top scientist called the assessment a “misuse” of science designed to deny treatment for service members.

Supporting the troops is more than saying thank you. WRITE YOUR LEGISLATORS ABOUT THIS OUTRAGE.

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Short Memory

Bin Laden is more than a punchline in a turban or a insane terrorist who produced the biggest horrorshow in history. He has goals.

Our failure to understand the lessons learned by the Soviets in Afghanistan may doom us to repeat them. The complexity of the situation, along with our missteps, mean we need to take a broader appraisal of the region and our alliances. – by Peter Mehit
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