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Struggling to Get Motivated? Don’t Ask for Advice–Give It | Inc.com

There’s a lot of advice out there for the lazy and unmotivated: Take baby steps! Set a timer! Enlist an accountability partner! But what if the best way to tackle lack of motivation isn’t to give any sort of advice at all, but to ask for it instead?

That’s the intriguing conclusion of a new article by a pair of psychologists from Wharton and the University of Chicago highlighted recently by Quartz’s Leak Fessler

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Why We Give Great Advice To Others But Can’t Take it Ourselves | Forbes

imagesWe’ve all had friends in toxic relationships that came to us for advice. As a third-party observer, we generally have a decent perspective from which to give our thoughts. But many of us have also been that friend—the person in the toxic relationship. In those situations, it’s much harder to give ourselves good advice. At least, it’s much harder to do what we know we should. Why is that? Why are we capable of giving reasonable advice to others but struggle to apply good advice in our own lives?

My colleague Ethan Kross and I ran a series of studies using Qualtrics to answer that very question. Our research disproved long-standing philosophical claims that wisdom comes solely through age and experience. As it turns out, looking at our own situations from an outsider’s perspective can help us channel the wisdom we need to make good choices for ourselves.

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