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The Ingenious Stunt That Landed This Ad Veteran Her First Agency Gig | Adweek

Today’s graduates are hungry for agency jobs, and they’re coming up with some pretty insane ways to get noticed. It makes perfect sense in the creative business, but it turns out this trend of outlandish stunts isn’t new. Tuesday Poliak, currently evp, chief creative officer of Wunderman D.C., was winning the creative job stunt game before going viral on the internet was even a thing.

Poliak developed a brilliant idea to get her portfolio into the hands of every major creative director—from Lee Clow to Jeff Goodby—without spending a ton of money on multiple big-budget portfolios. She landed a call back from every single creative director, and the stunt eventually led to her first art director gig at TBWA/Chiat/Day Venice.

So why go to such great lengths to get her portfolio in front of every creative director that she wanted to work for?

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What This Ad Agency Hopes to Learn by Living With an Ordinary Family for a Week | Adweek

David Ogilvy once said, “The customer is not a moron. She’s your wife.”

It’s easy to say, but how many agencies live by the notion that consumers are people we know and love? Italian agency Le Balene is about to find out whether it meets the bar … and it’s looking for someone to join them.

Creatives in Italy have a similar saying to Ogilvy’s. Developed by writer Alberto Arbasino in the ’60s, it’s become a compass for pitches and brainstorms: “This should be understandable for the Voghera housewife”—Voghera being a small town in Lombardy, and the Voghera housewife being the average person.

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