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4 Tips on How to Write an About Us Page That Works | Small Business Trends

Here’s a food for thought: as a modern, fairly tech-savvy small business owner, have you designed an amazing ‘About’ page that crisply conveys your brand’s message, inspires trust, and facilitates further action by the user?

Probably not. Although the ‘About’ page is inherent to just about any website, it is especially important for business websites aspiring to generate more leads and customers. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that the ‘About’ page can potentially be your “marketing marvel” and can single-handedly convert complete strangers into qualified leads, or even customers.

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5 Tips for Your Website’s ‘About Us’ Page | Business.com

An About Us page is one of the principal elements of any company website, and it’s also one of the most visited pages. But your About Us page is not just a chance to tell your company history – it’s an opportunity to convert website visitors into customers.

Many business owners find it difficult to create an About Us page that effectively sells their product or services without seeming too self-involved, or they just put up a quick bio that fails to inspire consumers. So how do you create an About Us page that works for you and convinces visitors to do business with you? Let’s take your About Us page from forgettable to fantastic.

Check out these five tips for writing a persuasive About Us page.

Source: 5 Tips for Your Website’s ‘About Us’ Page