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Praise U.K. for Massive Reforestation Project | ForceChange

Praise U.K. for Massive Reforestation Project

Target: Theresa May, Prime Minister of the U.K.

Goal: Applaud ambitious plan to plant 50 million trees in the next 25 years.


The U.K. is one of the least forested countries in all of Europe; U.K. tree cover is only about 13 percent compared to a European Union average of 38 percent. But a new government initiative aims to change the U.K.’s dismal forest cover percentage. Prime Minister Theresa May has announced a plan to create over 62 thousand acres of woodland, connecting five smaller forests in northern England. This forest will greatly expand wildlife habitat and help combat climate change: it is estimated that it will be able to sequester over seven million tons of carbon. As the Prime Minister has stated, “It is vital that we leave our planet in a better state than we found it, with cleaner air, stronger protections for animal welfare and greener spaces for everyone to enjoy.”

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Save Fish and Reptiles From Unrestrained Cruelty and Abuse | ForceChange

Save Fish and Reptiles From Unrestrained Cruelty and Abuse

Target: Congressman Michael Conaway, Chairman of the House Committee on Agriculture

Goal: Don’t allow cold-blooded animals to be abused and exploited for private gain.

The Animal Welfare Act of 1966 remains the only piece of major federal U.S. legislation that affords protections to animals. While the law ensures that animals dealers, researchers, and exhibitors be licensed and meet certain standards for animal housing and care, the Animal Welfare Act currently only covers warm-blooded mammals. Despite numerous revisions to the law since its enactment, cold-blooded animals remain excluded. These animals deserve respect and protection as well.

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