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Employees Naturally Trust Leaders That Display These 3 Powerful Habits | Inc.com

A friend recently told me about a previous company trying to lure him back to his old position. In a moment of crisp clarity, he said he could never go back no matter how enticing the offer.

The reason? One toxic leader up in the ivory tower making life miserable for others below, that’s what. I agreed that my friend chose to take the higher road.

I, too, left a company once due to a toxic CEO with low emotional intelligence. His Grand Canyon-sized ego manifested in bullying and controlling behaviors that sent some of his best people packing. In exit interview data of the top-five reasons people quit, he was “reason No.5.” (I say this with accuracy because I collected the data)

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3 Strategies to Give Positive Customer Service | Getentrepreneurial.com

imagesArticle Contributed by Dr. Joey Faucette

The relationships you have with your customers are the most important assets you possess. Easy to understand and take care of, right?

But do you?

As I travel, I encounter a great deal of customer service and disservice. I discovered 3 Strategies to Give Positive Customer Service from some positive and negative experiences.


As my assistant made reservations for my stay, the Marriott property had obviously listened to previous patrons and anticipated my needs. They asked,

–“May we pick him up at the airport?”

–“Will he want a ride to his meeting?”

–“May we return him to the airport?”

It was if they anticipated my every need. “We care” was the message.

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