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Conscious Mind vs Subconscious Mind: How to Improve Them? | Life Hack

The mind is one of the most fascinating and powerful aspects of ourselves. It is stronger than any supercomputer that we have ever created and can store practically an infinite amount of information.

How we get access to all of that information stems from the levels of the mind. There are three in total, but here the focus will be on the relationship between our conscious mind vs subconscious mind. By uncovering what is going on in our heads, we can best achieve our goals by tapping into the various minds.

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How to run a better Zoom, Skype or Google hangout meeting | Fast Company

One of my colleagues posted a meme the other day calling the coronavirus the “Zoombie apocalypse” after the group videoconference app that has been the basis of a lot of meetings since people started working from home to slow the spread of the disease.

On the one hand, apps such as Zoom, Skype, and Google Hangouts have made it fairly easy for people to engage from a distance with each person in their own space. On the other hand, meetings online can be pretty chaotic, especially if someone forgets to mute themselves. Here are a few things you should do to make them better:

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Baby born in toilet paper aisle at Missouri Walmart |

March 20 (UPI) — Something far more unusual than shortages happened in the toilet paper aisle of a Missouri Walmart store — a customer gave birth.

Jessica Hinkle, store manager at the Walmart store on Sunshine Street in Spingfield, said the woman’s water broke in the toilet paper aisle of the store Wednesday and the expectant mother warned employees her last child had been born after only 30 minutes of labor.

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Restaurant giving out toilet paper with take-out orders over $25 –

March 19 (UPI) — A Minnesota restaurant is offering an unusual promotion for customers amid the coronavirus pandemic – a free roll of toilet paper with take-out orders over $25.

The Cambridge Bar and Grill in Cambridge announced all orders totaling over $25 now come with a free roll of toilet paper, a product some consumers are having difficulty finding due to shortages from customers stocking up for quarantine.

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15 Smart Ways to Test New Hires Before You Commit |

Hiring a new employee is a huge commitment, especially if you’re a small to mid-sized business with a tight budget. Before you invest time, energy, and resources into a new team member, you’ll want to make absolutely certain they are truly a good fit. Implementing a trial period can be a great strategy for confirming your hiring decision.

To find out more, we asked Young Entrepreneur Council members the following question:

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Tax deadline extension announced in response to coronavirus scare | Small Business Trends

The IRS announces a tax deadline extension of 90 days to July 15 interest and penalty-free to help individuals and businesses affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

As Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said Tuesday in the briefing about the coronavirus, individual taxpayers and small businesses can delay paying their income taxes on as much as $1 million for up to 90 days. The sum goes up to $10 million for corporations.

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Employee Rewards Programs |

Employee incentives do not always have to involve money. Many employees just want to hear a “thank you” and “great job.”

  • Employee recognition programs are a great way to let your employees know you appreciate the job they do.
  • Reward programs help you keep the staff you have and encourage new talent to work for your company.
  • Your rewards program is only as good as the way you implement it into the organization.

Studies have shown that employee rewards programs can be a good idea. (Companies with some kind of recognition program have 31% lower turnover, according to Bersin & Associates.) But the execution of an employee rewards program can be bad or good.

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The PlayStation 5 Repeats The PS3’s Mistakes, Except For One | Digital Trends

Mark Cerny’s PlayStation 5 presentation detailed many key elements of Sony’s new console. It was also, frankly, a snoozefest for most of the people watching it. That’s not a huge surprise. Cerny is the project’s lead, not a personality or presenter, and the talk was originally scheduled for the now-postponed Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2020. It was a deep dive, not a flashy marketing presentation (though Sony could’ve done more to make that clear).

Still, the presentation’s focus was a surprise. You might have expected it to linger on the CPU and GPU, two key components most gamers associate with performance. Instead, Cerny went deepest on the console’s custom storage solution and audio engine, which only Sony’s PlayStation 5 will have.

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How to Embrace the Power of No in Your Small Business |

Ever try to negotiate with a toddler? You’ll soon find one of the first words that they learn is “no,” and they use it every chance they get to let you know what you’re offering doesn’t work for them. You don’t have to cross your arms and pout, to see the lesson learned from them in how most entrepreneurs negotiate.

As a small business owner, you are probably optimistic to a fault and eager to please. You focus on making customers happy at all costs, so you are willing to take on an immense amount of pressure to avoid ever having to say the dreaded word “no.”

This is a shame because there’s so much power in that single word. When used thoughtfully and intentionally, it creates negotiating leverage, but more importantly, it changes the entire psychology of the decision-making process.

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Effective Strategies to Get Your Out of Business Debt | The Startup Magazine

Essentially, a business aims to generate profits from its operations. However, if your venture is operating in debt, its viability can be impacted. Many businesses are funded from various loan sources during the start-up phase but issues such as increased interest rates, recession as well as a lack of credit can be a cause for concern. You will realize that your business may be struggling to get out of debt in the long run. With that being said, the situation can be compounded by the limited income that the company generates. When you are in such a predicament, you need to implement effective strategies that can get you out of business debt. If you want to learn some of these strategies, read on!

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