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4 Brands Whose Creative Approaches to Mobile Marketing Are Getting Big Results | Adweek

Did you know that 67 percent of smartphone shoppers will switch to a competitor’s site if the checkout process takes too long? That’s one of a handful of stats Google is releasing today in a new report about how brands like Walmart and Red Roof Inn are moving the sales needle with mobile marketing.

Here are four of the most interesting case studies in the report. It’s no surprise that mobile budgets keep growing, but if nothing else, the below examples should give brand marketers a better idea of which mobile tactics actually work.

1. Red Roof Inn:

An estimated 90,000 travelers are stranded every day from canceled flights. So the hotel chain and 360i ran a mobile search campaign targeting folks scrambling to find a nearby hotel with creative like, “Stranded at the airport?”

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This Adjustable Standing Desk Is So Simple, It Doesn’t Need Nuts Or Bolts | Fast Company

As many people are starting to realize, sitting is the new smoking—it’ll kill you faster than a bowlful of trans fats. But standing still in front of your computer all day isn’t so great either. What you need is a combo sit-stand desk, preferably one that’s easy to adjust, and that doesn’t use a motor.

That’s the Perch. It’s a super-adjustable desk that sits on top of your regular desk, raising your keyboard, mouse computer and even a secondary screen to the correct level.

The design came about after Nick Salisbury got fidgety at his 9-5 desk job. “[I] found myself slipping away from this active lifestyle I loved and falling helplessly into a life of sitting,” he says. Research showed him that existing desks were either too expensive or not easily adjustable, so he got together with friends and set up Perch.

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A Few Pointers to Stand Out at The Next Networking Event | Get Entrepreneurial

If your company is going to be the next big thing then you’re going to need to get out there in the business world and mingle. Networking events are the perfect platforms to showcase your professionalism and let everyone know about your company brand. You get to mix and mingle with like minded individuals and create serious connections.

If you’ve ever been to a networking event before, then you know full well that there are hundreds of companies being represented in one location. That means in order to get your brand out there, you have to stand out from the crowd. To do this, a bit of research and preparation are necessary. It never hurts to be prepared so that you can rise to the occasion when it’s necessary. Here are some tips that will hopefully help you make a lasting impression:

Do a Bit of Research on the Attendees

Are there certain business connections you intend to meet while at your networking event? If so, then you’re going to want to make sure you know your facts about the individual and their business ahead of time. A little bit of research goes a long way in making a good impression.

Let’s say you’re going into the retail industry for women’s fashion and you’re looking to start your own boutique. You might want to do some research on various companies who sell their products through retailers. For instance, if you’re looking for footwear, you might check out shoes from Marc Fisher to see how profitable the business is and how it might complement your brand.

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What Does the Pope Think About Technology? #It’sComplicated | WIRED

HE’S GOT A stunning 7.2 million followers on Twitter but believes digital media “can stop people from learning how to live wisely, to think deeply and to love generously.”

He has posed for selfies in St. Peter’s Square, but has lamented the fact that so much communication online is purely about display, not real connection.

He’s called the Internet a “gift from God.” But he’s also warned that the abundance of data and digital stimulation we all consume each day can amount to a kind of “mental pollution” that harms our relationships and shields us from the real pain and joy that comes with human interaction.

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11 ways to encourage your customers to share your content | Mashable

While there isn’t any one magic solution to making business content go viral, you should be doing everything you can to create the most shareable content as possible. This includes incentivizing not only your team, but also your customers, to post it on their social networks.

11 entrepreneurs from Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) explain best strategies for doing so without seeming overbearing.

1. Create great content

If you create great content that resonates with your customers and also provides value to their friends and family members (such as a useful statistic, a fun video, actionable promotion, etc.), they will be much more likely to share it. People will share things that they think their network will enjoy and benefit from.

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New Bill Would Cut Off Federal Forfeiture Funds For DEA Marijuana Seizures | Forbes

A new bipartisan bill would eliminate a controversial source of funding for one federal marijuana seizure program. Last week, Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) and Rep. Justin Amash (R-MI) introduced the “Stop Civil Asset Forfeiture Funding for Marijuana Suppression Act.” The bill is quite simple: It would prevent the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) from using federal forfeiture funds to pay for its Domestic Cannabis Eradication/Suppression Program. Additionally, the bill would ban transferring property to federal, state or local agencies if that property “is used for any purpose pertaining to” the DEA’s marijuana eradication program.

Under this program, the DEA receives federal forfeiture funds ($18 million in 2013), which it then funnels to over 120 local and state agencies to eliminate marijuana grow sites nationwide. Last year, the program was responsible for over 6,300 arrests, eradicating over 4.3 million marijuana plants and seizing $27.3 million in assets. More than half of all plants destroyed were in California, which also accounted for over one-third of seized assets and nearly 40 percent of the arrests.

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What Does the Google Buy Button Mean for Your E-Commerce Business? | All Business

It takes a lot to run a successful e-commerce business these days,and there are plenty of resources to help you when it comes to looking for strong business advice. But with all of this advice, comes more obstacles, like how to convert customers.

If you want customers, then you need Google’s help; Google essentially controls what traffic goes to which site. So when Google changes how it operates, it puts a lot of strain on businesses in order to comply. The Google “buy button” is next up in the queue of things changing, and e-commerce store owners are worried it will impact their businesses.

Why Are E-Commerce Stores Worried About the Google Buy Button?

The fear for e-commerce business owners is that Google will be more than a search engine, instead becoming a reseller or middleman. This obviously robs e-commerce stores of important relationships with their customers. The fear is that this will lead to an Amazon-style situation, where customers often believe that they are doing business with Amazon as opposed to third-party sellers, and any customer service and returns processing will be handled without the control of the e-commerce store operator.

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Weekly Economic Update | LAEDC

v.19 n. 39 – Released September 22, 2015

This Week’s Headlines:

Is Writing Your Own Book a Good Idea? |

When corporate philanthropy consultant Susan Hyatt wrote a book, Strategy for Good: Business Giving Strategies for the 21st Century, it went on to win four publishing awards and got testimonials from top execs at Pfizer, Timberland, and Starbucks. Most important, it caught the attention of potential clients. “It does open doors,” she says. “The credibility is big. If people know you’ve written a book, they do take notice. It’s attracted new business for me, for sure.” Yet it sold just 1,000 copies. Books by or about entrepreneurs rarely sell well (unless they include the name Musk, Gates, Jobs, or Buffett), so if you’re considering writing a book, know that you most likely won’t make a dime. In fact, if you self-publish instead of working through a traditional publisher, you could spend tens of thousands of dollars. That’s why you should treat your book like a marketing investment that you can use to boost your company’s bottom line.

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How dangerous is teeth whitening? | BBC News

Some beauty salons are continuing to provide illegal teeth whitening despite being prosecuted by regulators, an investigation by 5 Live Investigates has found.

Undercover reporters were offered treatment by one therapist who had been fined thousands of pounds just months earlier.

The General Dental Council has already prosecuted 24 people this year – more than the whole of last year. But with the popularity of teeth whitening soaring, who is allowed to do it and what are the dangers if you are treated by someone who isn’t properly qualified?

What is teeth whitening?

Celebrity culture and reality shows such as The Only Way is Essex have made teeth whitening one of the most popular cosmetic treatments in the UK. According to Mintel research, more than a third of adults are considering having it done. It involves bleaching your teeth using a whitening product usually containing hydrogen peroxide.

Is it dangerous?

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