West Sacramento, California
January 25, 2011

2011 Small Business Priorities.

After a very useful and spirited discussion, those in attendance decided on the following priorities for the Small Business Advocate and the Small Business network to work on in the coming year. They are divided into those issues which have or will have specific legislation, and those that are general and involve many different initiatives. I also include those issues put forward by the group that received lower consideration, but that the group still believed were important.

1. Legislative Priorities:

a. AB 29 (Speaker Perez): Establishing the Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED) in statute. Current language includes moving the Office of the Small Business Advocated from the Office of Planning and Research to GOED.

b. SB 67 (Price): Sets the 25% small business procurement goal into statute. Currently exists as an Executive Order mandate.

c. TBD (Steinberg): Mandates a review of California regulations for efficacy, usefulness, and impact on business.

d. TBD: Proposed budgetary elimination of redevelopment districts and enterprise zones. The group strongly opposes the proposal.

2. Policy Priorities:

a. Improve access to capital.

b. Develop, broaden, and increase the power of the Small Business network.

c. Address ways to reduce the cost of doing business in California.

d. Improve Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise (DVBE) outreach transparency.

3. Other Issues:

a. Support and strengthen the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) network.

b. Address energy issues as they impact small businesses.

c. Promote and strengthen the I-Hub program.

d. Promote and expand international trade opportunities.

e. Health care reform.

f. Innovation technology.

Task Force Members:

The group constituted eight task forces to develop plans to deal with each of the issues in the first two categories above. The task forces will meet via conference call to make that happen. Membership is not limited to those listed below; everyone is welcome to join and participate. Contact information for the current task force members is on a separate sheet.

1. Legislative Priority Task Forces:

a. AB 29: Elaine Starling, Lori Kammerer, Robert Padilla, Leslie Baird, Clyde Wong, Debbie Hunsaker, Tara Lynn Gray.

b. SB 67: Greg Kiefer, James McGhee, Edwin Lombard, Lori Kammerer, Janet Johnson, Noreen James, Julian Pierrot, Debbie Hunsaker, Tara Lynn Gray, Clyde Wong.

c. Regulatory Reform Bill: Jessica Chapman, Debbie Hunsaker, John Kabateck, Edwin Lombard, Julian Pierrot, Lori Kammerer, Monica Nainsztein Rodríguez.

d. Redevelopment districts/enterprise zones: Noreen James, Janet Johnson, Lori Kammerer, Leslie Baird, Bob Barkhouse, Laura Harris.

2. Policy Priority Task Forces:

a. Improve access to capital: Janet Johnson, Lori Kammerer, Scott Hauge, David Chase, Lucia Leonard, Ricardo Robles, Jessica Chapman, Noreen James, Julian Pierrot, Tara Lynn Gray, Larry Rillera

b. Develop, broaden, and increase the power of the Small Business network: Elaine Starling, Lucia Leonard, Monica Nainsztein Rodríguez, Clyde Wong, Ed Williams

c. Address ways to reduce the cost of doing business in California: Debbie Hunsaker, John Kabateck, Jessica Chapman, Elaine Starling

d. Improve Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise (DVBE) outreach transparency: Syd Drain, James McGhee, Bob Barkhouse, Leslie Baird

Marty’s office will work with each of the task forces to set up conference calls and other communications methodologies.

Governor’s Conference on Small Business & Entrepreneurship III:

Tentatively scheduled for the first week in May, the group recommends that the theme be: “Celebrating the Job Creators: California’s Small Businesses.”

SBDC “Next Steps for Small Business” events:

Kristin Johnson, head of the SBDC regional leaders group, announced a series of ten regional seminars modeled after last year’s “Governor’s Conference on Small Business Comes to You” events. The first will be in the Bay Area on March 29; the complete schedule will be published soon, and we will get it to the Small Business network when it is.

2011 Meeting Schedule:

The group agreed to meet on the last Tuesday of every other month, except May because of the potential Governor’s Conference. So this year’s schedule for the meetings of the Small Business Advocate’s Advisory Group will be as follows:

• March 29
• July 26
• September 27
• November 29

Each meeting will start at 10:00 am and adjourn by 3:00 pm. Please note these in your calendars.


  1. I look forward to insightful articles and keeping me aware of government initiatives that could have an effect on my small business.

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